Wednesday, May 16, 2007

There's an iPod in the henhouse.

I've been buying more organic foods. We have switched to organic milk, eggs, and some meats. The organic meats are a little more difficult to find.

The switch isn't just for hubs and me, but for our daughter. Years from now folks may say organic was much ado about nothing but for now, I am not sure the added hormones are safe. (The organic milk actually tastes better! Seriously!)

I don't mind a little pesticide sprinkled on my fruits and veggies. I figure that I can wash those off. OK. Truth is, I'm cheap. We may go totally organic with that food group, too. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe when the prices go down...

Yesterday, while at Publix, I found a new (for me) brand of organic eggs- The Country Hen. I read the package late last night while making cupcakes and had to chuckle. These cage free hens are living the life in "sunlit barns and porches."

I am soooo glad I found The Country Hen. I just hate those snooty city hens strutting down Madison Avenue in their big Prada sunglasses with their blackberries and MP3 players. Don't you?



Susanne said...


Reader's Digest here in Canada just did an article on on organic produce and how just because it say's organic does not mean it is pesticide free and how the natural things they use may be just as bad. Very interesting stuff.

Dawn said...

I've never recovered from losing a contest to a post about organic food. Thanks for bringing back that painful memory.


Grafted Branch said...


On a serious note though, I saw (for the first time) a "natural" chicken (raw, mind you) for $16.00!

It was just a little chicken. I told my kids we're going to have to take our chances...