Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Random Epiphanies

1. I was giddy, just giddy as a school girl when my husband walked in the door this evening with loads and loads of good, clean, stain-free boxes from the grocery store. I realized that when you get more excited about the boxes than your hubs, you've been married a loooonnngg time.

2. I felt sorry for Blake on AI tonight. The new song just didn't fit his voice. Jordin is going to win. I still miss Melinda.

I'm feeling real emotion for complete strangers! This is too much. Can you say "AI Addict?"

3. I was packing my daughter's stuffed animals and I am fairly certain they have been breeding in her room.

4. I'm actually looking forward to cleaning my new house. I think I've inhaled too much cardboard dust.

5. I don't understand how a show about people getting tattoos made it on the air. Can you imagine the pitch, "We want to show people paying other people to be tortured. When it's all over, they will leave in tears and have a deeper understanding of life and a very sore arm."

6. Having to look for boxes and busily packing is a wonderful blessing. There are many people tonight who have nowhere to lay their head. I certainly do not deserve it, but I am very thankful to be moving into a home we can call our own. I pray that I never take any gift He has given for granted and that I will always share what He has given with others.

Have a good evening!


Susanne said...

I sorta felt sorry for Blake too. But everyone knows the radio play song is a ballad so he should have known that was coming. Jordin was totally in a different league than him last night. I was sorta bored with the night. I think it would have been a much better finale had it been Melinda and Jordin.

Too funny about being so excited to see the boxes. I am glad for you that he could secure some. I had visions of you just throwing stuff willy-nilly into the back of a truck.

Nancy said...

Jordin really shined last night, but Blake has a big fan base and talent. Once hubby and I finish a Numb3ers from pre-Easter, I will switch over and see the result.

Linda said...

Yeah, isn't it funny how a cardboard box can take on a whole new meaning when you think it is home sweet home to someone.

Mommy Dearest said...

I don't envy you being in the middle of a move - it's less than 2 years since I did that - but I love that nice, new, starting-from-scratch feeling.