Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's only garbage if you aren't moving.

I'm seriously considering changing my blog to "I Lost My Coffee" or "I really should be packing."

We are starting our move in a few days and a moment in the blogosphere is like a day at the spa for me. So, thanks to all of you in my blogroll you have updated your posts.

I don't mind packing. Really. I just don't care for begging for boxes. OK. I hate it. If I could go to just one place and get all the cardboard refuse I need, then it would be fine. But, dumspter diving is not a skill to which I aspire.

Thanks to all of the treehuggers, now you can be selective about your dumpster diving. It's about options, people. There are "cardboard only," "Keep doors closed," and my personal favorite, "This stinks to high heaven. How desperate are you?" (I made that one up.)

Lucky for me, the kind folks at Dollar General offered some of their boxes right off the sales floor. Bless their hearts.

I went back to DG for a few more boxes yesterday and the boxes had already been thrown away in the clean and neat "cardboard only" dumpster. The sweet young clerk generously offered me an invitation to dig through the dumpster and then gave me some very important advice, "Just don't go back there after dark."

Thanks for the tip.



Susanne said...

There used to be a time when you could go to your grocer's and get all the boxes you wanted. No so anymore. Have you tried a Costco or Sam's?

Happy moving!

Brenda said...

Can I just say I'm glad it's not me who's moving? I think I'd rather beg for boxes than pack them. We should team up.

Hope your move goes smoothly and quickly!

Nancy said...

Post a "wanted" notice on your local Freecycle forum. Good luck!

(Comment moderation reads "hipjom." I need to make that an actual word.)

Roxanne said...

If you have a Sam's card, you can get a big ole bundle of brand new ones for $20 or so. . .I just found this out. They sell 'em RIGHT THERE IN THE STORE. . .FOR CHEAP.