Monday, May 07, 2007

What do fear and apathy have to do with my floors?

This commercial bothers me on so many levels.

Watch it and come back. (It's the commercial for the floor that supposedly withstands anything and involves a scary movie, some much-too-young-to-see-it kids, and a sad little dog.)

This is what upsets me-

Why are the parents letting their kids watch this movie?
The only family member that is frightened by it is the dog.
This shows absolutely no sensitivity.
The poor dog. Oh, if you don't care about the kids, the dog should make you sad.
He has an accident and they just look at him.
No one consoles him.
No one cleans up the mess.

Am I too sensitive?

Comments, please.

Edited to add- You guys don't have to agree with me to leave a comment. I realize I think in black and white sometimes- funny, since my blog has so much grey. :>)


{Karla} said...

those thoughts didn't necessarily go through my mind, though once you mentioned them I totally understand what you are saying.

I did notice that no one helped that sweet little sad dog. He should come live with me if he wants to find another home...


Aunt Boo said...

I agree. Not a great idea for a commercial.

Military Mommy said...

Yeah that is a pretty sad commercial for all the reasons you mentioned.

Sad, but not surprising. Just the current state of affairs in our world. And that's the saddest thing of all.


Clemntine said...

See, I think like this too. I'm the one who picks apart the commercials and billboard ads (don't get me started on TV shows and "Family" movies!!). I sometimes wonder if I'm least maybe we can be oversensitive together, right?

Grafted Branch said...

Because their consciences are seared as with a hot iron...

Because they're in the world, and OF the world...

Because man loved the darkness...

Because, "and the Light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not..."

Because this world is ruled by the prince of the air...

and a thousand for reasons that show the true state of the human condition apart from the merciful grace of the Lord Jesus Christ!

(I haven't seen that commercial until now.)

Nancy said...

Have you seen the cat one? A boy spills his science experiment on the floor and the cat laps it up. Poof! The cat becomes a chicken.

His Singer said...

Melanie, I think that since you have a little one you may be more prone to pick up on this than I would. I do agree the scary part is NOT suitable for general viewing, and the poor puppy!!! I think it just goes to show how all of us (me included) have become accustomed to things like this in the everyday. Not that it isn't sad...

P.S. Tagged you for a meme.

kittyhox said...

Gosh, we're too peas in a pod.

I am also a tad sensitive and always interpret things as unkind or mean spirited or inappropriate when others might not notice.

My personal theory is that I'm like this because I'm an only child and so I never had siblings to toughen me up (be mean to me).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts - I totally agree! I guess we're just too gentle for this world and thank goodness for that, since it's not really our home. :)


Tammy said...

I remember the commercial without even having to watch it again...and yeah, my first reaction was, "This seems strange...just "off" somehow."
My little girls were with me and my oldest said, "Poor little doggie!"
And I can't even watch scary movies myself, so seeing what they saw even scared me!
I agree...there wasn't any sensitivity involved here...makes you wonder what kind of people are sitting around, getting paid for the great ideas.

Karen said...

OK, since you don't mind comments that are not like-minded.... I wasn't bothered at all. My kids like scary movies, but do not get a regular diet of them. I try to keep the scary confined to unreal things rather than the gore that passes for horror these days. And the kids in the commercial were experiencing what might be perceived as frightening in the security of the presence of their parents, not all alone.

As for the puppy, I totally saw the humor in it. Being that this was not real, of course the actors in the commercial aren't going to behave as someone in real life would. Yes, if it had been my dog, I would have cleaned up the mess and then held puppy in my lap for the rest of the night. But this was a 30-sec commercial and not meant to represent anyone's real-life experiences (at least, I hope not!).

Hopefully this doesn't mean I'm an insensitive person; I just place TV commercials in a different perspective than real-life experiences.