Sunday, May 20, 2007

My niece, the philospher.

I love being a mom. It is so much fun- playing, crafting, stealing kisses and hugs. So far, being an aunt to Miss Molly has its little rewards, too. We'll get to craft and play (when she can, you know, hold her head up) and I don't have to deal with messy diapers on a daily basis.

Not to mention the stories. Oh, the stories have already begun.

T and C (Molly's parents, not a rap band) were out shopping for a family vehicle. Like most of us, they never envisioned themselves riding around town in a sedan or a station wagon. Like most of us before we had kids, we said we would never be caught dead in a van.

Then we learned that a Corvette convertible doesn't hold a lot of baby stuff, i.e- stroller, pack and play, bottles, clean diapers, dirty diapers. Plus, the kid has to ride somewhere.

So T and C have started looking for a safe and affordable van for the growing family. Last weekend they visited a local dealer. They aren't amateurs at car buying. No, M'am. They had done their research and knew exactly what price range their van of choice should fall in.

Then they met that guy, Mr." starched white shirt and khakis" guy. Mr. "I have only 2 ties and the other one is in the bottom of the hamper" guy. Mr. "Am I wearing enough after shave for ya?" guy.

That guy. The used car salesman.

T and C found a van they really liked. The salesman tried to trick them into an overinflated sale price saying, "With this much down, at this percent interest, this would be your payment."

T kept saying,"Just give me the bottom line. What is the total price?"

The salesman danced around the question, answering, "This would be your payment."

T kept asking.

The salesman kept dancing.

They knew he was trying to trick them into a huge price because they could, you know, add. Plus they didn't even need to finance. That guy just wouldn't listen.

C was sitting in the passenger's front seat with the salesman in the driver's seat. The salesman kept spouting out lies. T was in the back seat feeding Molly when Molly let out a sound from inside her diaper that told that car salesman exactly what she thought.

C calmly turned to the salesman and said,"She said what you are saying is a bunch of cr*p."

The salesman answered,"That's not what she said."

Like any good parents would do, they took the advice,if you will, of their infant daughter over that guy because she's got more brains than he does.

And more gas.


Kelli said...

Yeah for the baby!!! That is just. too. funny.

tleigh said...

You Go ....Baby Girl!!!!