Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seven strange things about me that aren't in my purse.

Military Mommy is soooo patient. She tagged me for the purse meme a while ago. My digital camera is being temperamental, so now I just give up. I am going to post without the picture. You guys are brilliant and I have complete confidence that you can picture all of the lint and loose change in the bottom of the bag.

I have a few purses, not many. I usually only change them with the seasons. I have a few for summer, but the one I keep going back to is my favorite. It is a black and white toile fabric tote with some cute black fringe. It really can go with summer or winter. I bought it a craft fair from a wonderfully talented lady. It's a gem.

If you ask my husband, he'll tell you that you can't find a thing in my purse, but "OH CONTRAIRE!" I can find the following items:

My red wallet (easy to find in any bag)
Old receipts that I don't need until I throw them away
An unsharpened pencil that reads "I survived the test"

If and when my camera takes its Prozac and changes moods, I'll take a picture for y'all.

His Singer tagged me for this Meme-
Seven Things You Never Knew About Me and Were Smart Enough Not to Ask

Maybe it wasn't exactly worded like that. ;>)

1. I don't like to eat out by myself. I would rather go through the drive thru and eat in the car, or just take it home. I realize this is odd.

2. I once caught a shark. (small one, about 3 feet long)

3. I love to smell play dough.

4. When we first married, we bought our first washer and dryer. The dryer wasn't drying well and I told my husband about it. He said, "Did you empty the lint filter?"

I said, "The what?"

Mama's dryer had the lint filter in the door. Our dryer had a lint filter on top. Since our dryer didn't have one in the door, I assumed it simply didn't have one at all. Go ahead and laugh.

When my husband emptied the lint filter after months of use, the blanket of lint was so large, you could curl up with it on a cold night and stay warm. I don't recommend this method of domestication. Let's say it together, FIRE HAZARD.

5. I still eat Spaghetti-O's.

6. When I was a kid I buried a time capsule in my parents' backyard. I can't remember where I buried it. My husband has tried to find it since we got married. It is driving him crazy.

7. I cried when I went to Gettysburg. So much loss of life in one place. Very sad.


Melissa said...

I'm with you on #1. I feel so pathetic eating alone. Like everyone is looking at me thinking, "That poor woman is all alone."

Glad to know you didn't burn the house down with the dryer incident!

{Karla} said...

I grew up just south of Gettysburg. Another place to go and cry is Antietam Battlefield the first weekend in December. They put out a luminary for each soldier that died in that battle. You drive through it.

Just when you think you've seen all of the candles, you top a hill, look out onto a valley and see candles for miles... it just goes on...

(but it looks so beautiful too; plus they have reinactors walking around in the dark - so that gives it another aspect...)

Your purse sounds lovely. If I had to do this meme I'd pretend my camera didn't work so I wouldn't have to show it and could pretend it was very organized and cute.


Susanne said...

The lint dryer lesson is too funny! I don't ever eat out on my own either but not because I don't like to, I just never think of it. I don't think I liked spaghetti'o's even as a kid.

I'm using my imagination as best I can but I'm looking forward to the visual! :v)

Clemntine said...

Knocked out two memes with one post. Now THAT'S talent!!

Fun stuff!

Nancy said...

You know I love you, but I can't believe you still eat Spaghetti-O's. That just grosses me out.

The lint story cracked me up.

Does your "time capsule" have a metal lid? I'll loan you our metal detector, but then you have to come with me to my mom's house and help me search under the attic insulation for my junior high school diary.

Military Mommy said...

I love the lint dryer one too. :) I shall make a mental note. :)

Thanks for finally posting this. I enjoyed getting to know you better.

Love, Michelle