Monday, July 17, 2006

Madder Than A Wet Hen

Today I polished silver and bathed the cat- two things I dread.

I was going to take a picture of Maggie after her bath to post on here, but she hid from me. She always does. I'll spare you a picture of the silver. :>)

Maggie is really good during a bath. She literally can't scratch me and she doesn't even try to bite. She just whines and cries like she is in pain. Sometimes she'll go limp as if she has given up and is going to cooperate. Then she suddenly tries to make a break for it. I no longer fall for this.

When the torture is over, she flicks the water off of her back feet, waddles away, and hides for a long pout. Once she realizes she looks good, she comes out of hiding either to show off or just to get attention. Probably the latter.

I call Maggie my "uncat." She loves attention and cries when she thinks she is alone. At night, after it is quiet and everyone is in bed, she hunts. For socks mostly. Once she has captured her 100% cotton "prey" she moans and groans for someone to come see.

You can tell how exciting my day was. I am blogging about giving a cat a bath. Tomorrow I may post about watching grass grow...

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Brenda said...

I can't believe this post didn't get any comments. Cats are funny, aren't they? Or maybe it's the cat owners. I'm laughing at the prospect of your posting about watching grass grow.