Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Seven General Household Tips!

1. Garlic or onion smell on your hands after chopping? Rub a small amount of salt on hands, rinse away. (just check for boo-boo's first! Ouch.)

2. Out of brillo pads? Ball up a piece of aluminum foil to scrub pots.

3. Soups or stews too salty? Put in a piece of peeled, raw potato. Potato will absorb the extra salt. Throw potato away.

4. Spilled juice on carpet. Immediately pour salt on the spill. Salt will absorb most of the liquid. Clean up salt,then shampoo any remaining stain. Works great for Kool-Aid or juice.

5. Sand sticking to you at the beach- Sprinkle baby powder on. Sand will brush right off!

6. Toothpaste makes a great acne treatment ( Just don't walk around in public with Colgate stuck to your face.)

7. Keep sunscreen in the cooler while you are out. Feels nice and cool when you have to reapply.


Nancy said...

I used to use toothpaste on my face, but the paste kind is now harder to find. Does gel work?

Melanie said...

Gel doesn't work for me. The only paste I can find is Colgate. I may go to bed polka-dotted tonight! :>)

Brenda said...

I've never tried baby powder on the beach, and didn't know that salt would absorb spills and get rid of garlic and onion odor. Good to know.
I'm wondering since I can't get my kids to brush their teeth if I could get them to use the toothpaste on their faces.

These are some handy-dandy tips I'll have to remember. Thanks!

Susanne said...

Wow seven tips for the price of one stop! Awesome! The cool sunscreen idea is so simply good and I've never heard of it. Gonna definitely try it!

Jennifer said...

Pepsodent comes in paste, and is priced cheaply!

I am going to the beach in two weeks, so I'm packing my baby powder. Thanks.

Mama Duck said...

Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

Mommy Dearest said...

These are really awesome ideas - thanks!