Monday, July 24, 2006

My Priceless Commercial

School supplies- $30.00

6 pack of Diet Mountain Dew- $2.50

Welcome mat for the patio- $8.00

New tire that I probably didn't need after waiting for 4 hours for them to check the one I had that was flat, but not really, but it was raining and I didn't want to be stranded, so I went to Wal-mart and asked them to check it, and they did, after 4 hours, so I shopped just like any normal woman would, and then we waited and sat on those ugly mechanic blue benches and watched other desperate people wait in line, and then we got up, pushed our cart around the store a second time, and put more stuff in said cart, and returned to find that our car had not even made it to the rack... so we stared out the window to the garage like puppies at the pound, and we even whined a little, but no one adopted us, so we waited some more; we waited some more; we waited some more; we waited a total of 4 hours, did I mention it was 4 hours? and we whined at the window until finally they put our car on the rack and a really dirty man came and told me that I needed a new tire, and so I waited a total of 4 hours, and my daughter was soooo patient, much more than me, and I pressed my cold wet nose to the window and whined at the mechanic while he put the tire on that I didn't need (according to my husband who says they probably could have fixed it but, Wal-mart likes to sell tires...) and this lasted 4 hours.
And I finally paid the lady- $70.00

Half of the box of Spongebob Cheez-its and the My Little Pony velvet art that kept my daughter entertained for 4 hours and me from jumping over the counter and choking someone in one of those little blue vests- Priceless


Susanne said...

Do you suppose they do that so you'll spend 4 hours in the store wandering and impulse buying? Did I type that? Maybe I should sign on as anonymous! :D You showed pretty good restraint and your daughter sounds like she was a gem!

Nancy said...

Your daughter definitely wins the patience award. Had you known it would take 4 hours, would you have gotten a cab home? I wish I had been there to pick you up.

Brenda said...

Wow. 4 hours is a long time to have to wait around anywhere, especially Wal-Mart. I think you both deserve a reward for that.

Wystful1 said...

That is sooooooooooo clever to have your blog written in that way. Why, it's priceless!!!

Wow, 4 hours? I would be stark raving mad by then. 4 hours in Wal Mart. Hmmmmmmmmmm, girl you have tons of stamina.

Hope you can visit me sometime.

Susanne said... 4 hours, I would've done more damage than $70!! You shouldn't feel too bad. I've been so bad at Wal-Mart and Target lately that my new resolution is to visit only once a month. So far so good!

Cheryl said...

This doesn't have so much to do with yesterday' blog as it does your headline text. I was re-reading it and I agree with you about "Southern is a state of mind", "a soft, warm blanket, "it comforts you", "it warms you", "it just plain makes you feel better".
I grew up in Arkansas until I finished 6th grade, then moved to California. Was only there thru the summer and my grandfather passed away in Illinois so my dad decided we should live there. Well I ALWAYS felt like my heart was in Arkansas and dreamed of coming back one day. However, through marriage, kids, etc. it seemed as though it would never happen. Then my brother and father passed away and there was really no reason for my mom and I to remain when our hearts and family were in Arkansas. So 13 years ago this month I moved back, and absolutely love it. My mom used to say that whenever we visited here and we would cross the Arkansas line that it was as if my whole personality would change. I guess that is because I had such wonderful childhood memories here and this would always be my home, in my heart.

Lori said...

After reading a comment on a previous post of yours, I decided I had to check out your Walmart experience. BOY, do I HATE the Walmart tire department! We decided after our previous experience that we would drive 45 minutes to the nearest Sam's to get our tires rotated/changed/etc. Of course, all bets are off with a flat!

BTW, your daughter sounds great! I think maybe if they'd had my girls in the waiting room, they'd have rushed us through--they'd have collapsed any standing tire display, gumball machine, etc. They do come in handy! :) Just kidding....I hope....