Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things
I Would Have On A Deserted Island

1. My Bible

2. Bug spray

3. Diet Coke (I know I should want water, but hey-I am the one makin' the list here.)

4. An endless supply of really good smellin' soap, like the stuff at Bath And Body that smells like coconuts or mango. That would be appropriate.
I may be alone, but I have to be able to stand myself. Yuck.

5. That being said- an endless supply of deodorant.

6. Cookie dough (the tube of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip)

7. A frig.- gotta keep the dough cold! I don't need an oven, 'cause I don't plan on cooking it.

8. I think you could guess this one- a house. Have to have somewhere for the frig! That's soooo obvious, ladies.

9. Ok, I need a TV that runs off some kind of desert island NASA satellite system that receives HGTV, Fox News, Headline News so I can see my picture on Nancy Grace, and NBC (Law and Order!!)

10. This should be understood- a potty. That goes in the house, but just making sure we are clear.

11. Also comes with the house- a really cushy soft bed.
PS- How did I forget to add my hammock??!!

12. A laptop so I can blog the whole experience.

13. Last, but certainly not least- a boat. This isn't Gilligan's Island. I am not going to grow huge nuclear reactive veggies and depend on the professor or my little buddy to get me off the island.

What would you take with you, Little Buddy?


Tracie said...

Hhhmmm...if I ever get stranded on a deserted island, I am going ot make sure it is the one you are on (with the pretty soaps and the endless supply of cookie dough--that is my kind of island!)

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Barbara said...

I'm going to be sure I'm with my husband, if I'm ever stranded.Then, he can take care of everything else. :0

Great list....yes, the BIBLE would be #1.

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Nancy said...

Ha! By the end it sounded like a great place to vacation!

Susanne said...

This should be in cruise boat vacation contracts that these kinds of islands are supplied just in case! Cute list!

Raggedy said...

you better romove one thing from the list and add A Generator and an endless supply of fuel to feed
Great list!
My TT is up

cdorsey said...

So darn cute!!! For me...Bible, soap, potty, house, and cushy bed. Must haves. An endless supply of Italian food would be nice too.