Saturday, January 05, 2008

Five things Meme

I saw this over at Susanne's and decided to play along.

1. Five things found in my room- I am in the living room with the laptop.

Hershey's kisses that need to go away. I am on some kind of Hershey's marathon.
My Bible
Curtain rods still in the wrapper (with no curtains yet to go with them)
The TV. I am watching the Republican debate. This may be why I need the chocolate.
A blanket. It is sooooo cold. I know cold is relative. You Canadians get an imaginary gold medal from me.

2. Five things I always wanted to do.

See Greece.
Learn to quilt.
Run for office. (Seeing a theme here?)
Research family history.
Send a group of kids to Disney World.

3. Five things found in my bag.

Happy Meal toy.

4. Five things in my wallet.

Information that says I am an organ donor.
Store discount cards
Emergency phone numbers
The usual things you would find in a mom's wallet like very little cash.

5. Five things I'm currently into.

The Presidential election. Praying for wisdom there.
Blogs. Ahem.
Purchasing curtains for the house. Decorating in general.
Reading my Bible through in a year, using a guide by our pastor.
The Hershey's kisses.



Kelli said...

Thank you for being an organ donor. Such a simple thing, but so life altering.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I just threw away some Hershey kisses so I wouldn't eat them. Will power is not my thing.

Linda said...

#1: I would vote for you. #2: Why Greece?

Susanne said...

The happy meal toy made me laugh. I say go for it. That way I could say I "personally" know the president and then you could blog all about your white house escapades.