Sunday, January 27, 2008

You might be feeling sleepy, but you look fabulous!

I have no sense of adventure. None. Well, let me think a minute... nope. None.

However, my mama likes to travel, my daughter wants to travel (until she has been in the car for more than an hour), and my in-laws love traveling. Real, fancy, complicated traveling like they show on the Travel Channel. With connecting flights and multiple continents. And stuff.

Call me Mrs. Frommer.

In a few days they will be traveling to Africa. Africa! Like it is a whole other country. (I am kidding. It is a continent, not a country. Had you going for a minute, though. Didn't I?)

They have always wanted to see the wild animals of Africa, The Big Five as they say. I am learning the lingo so that I may impress you Internets. Or not.

For months they have planned this big trip, getting their vaccinations, planning their wardrobes, while the rest of us have been wondering what on earth are they thinking running off to Africa where there are lions, elephants, gorillas and really big insects that want your blood?

Then we remembered that they are actually going to see the lions,elephants and gorillas.

Yesterday I was talking to my mother-in-law about their trip and she was sharing what she planned to pack. Due to the fact that some colors of clothing actually attract really big insects that want your blood, her wardrobe mostly consists of tan and brown with some splashes of khaki. White attracts mosquitoes, so that is OUT.

I mentioned to her all of the many uses for Bounce dryer sheets that I have learned lately. I knew before that they repel mosquitoes, but the other day I discovered that Bounce dryer sheets repel bees, yellow jackets, and even mice.

She said jokingly,"What about the tsetse fly?"

Well, I don't know, but let me check on that. I don't think Heloise ever mentioned the Tsetse.

My mother-in-law mentioned a cream color shirt that she wanted to wear on the trip. It is cotton and comfortable and would be perfect for the heat. Her concern was the fact that cream is mighty close to white on the color wheel and hello mosquitoes!

I pleaded with her not to try the Bounce dryer sheet idea while in Africa. I do not want her to call me up on her international phone and yell,"Melanie! I am covered in tsetse flies and it is all your fault!" while someone from a US Embassy calls me up to explain that I am the cause of an international incident and Why don't I just turn on Fox News because I am about to be on it?!

Well, Mr. Ambassador, if my mother-in-law wants to wear a cream color shirt before Easter then, by all means let her. In my neck of the jungle, that is called "winter white" and it is perfectly acceptable.

Have a fun trip! ;>)


PJ said...

If you need witnesses, I'll back you up on that Bounce thing. I'd give that advice in a minute. And if either Anderson Cooper from CNN or Shepard Smith call, I'm available for an interview. But if it's Bill O'Reilly or Geraldo Rivera, forget it. Hee Hee

Rocks In My Dryer said...

LOL...I'm totally laughing at this, because I nearly bought some sandals for my Africa trip...but they were WHITE. I just couldn't do it.

sprymary said...

Oh gosh, Melanie, we are all laughing at this. Yes, I am taking the cream colored shirt-after all it was from LL Bean, so it's got to be good.

Susanne said...

LOL! I want to go. Cream shirt or not.

Irene said...

Hi I just found your blog.

That trip sounds AWESOME! My IL's sound exactly like yours! They are retired and in their early 60's with a very nice pension (my FIL was a school principal). Anyway, they have literally been to almost every corner of the world. Every year they have one HUGE trip and a bunch of smaller ones.

They are now spending 2 months living in Florida which they do every winter now. They haven't been to Africa though...maybe that will be their next venture. I think it would be incredible!