Friday, January 04, 2008

Sometimes the arches are not as golden, but Barbie never disappoints.

Daughter and I were out today hoping that our Target stores had gone to the insane 90% off their Christmas clearance.

Our hopes were squashed like tiny gnats on a Southern family reunion potluck table. The Christmas and "holiday" items were still at 75%. Like an amateur, I caved and purchased a few items anyway. My best find was a really cute Barbie for the low, low price of $1.24.

We stopped at McDonald's drive-thru for some lunch. After ordering, the surprisingly polite cashier at the window said our Happy Meals were not ready. So we waited.

I turned to daughter and said, "Your nuggets will probably be very hot. We are either waiting for chicken nuggets or french fries."

And we waited.

The cashier came back and said,"I am so sorry. We are out of nuggets. Is there anything else you would like to substitute?"

Daughter said she would eat a hamburger and we waited some more.

I thought out loud,"Wonder how they could run out of nuggets. Maybe their supplier is late delivering."

"But, Mommy, McDonald's is known for their nuggets."

My child. She is astute in American culture and its deep-fried history.


Susanne said...

She's a smart one. The manager should have been listening.

thediaperdiaries said...

Seriously, they ran out of nuggets? That is like Taco Bell running out of tacos. My daughters would freak out if this happened. I don't even think they know McDonalds sells anything else.