Sunday, January 27, 2008

In case you didn't already know how weird I am.

Linda at 2nd Cup tagged me for a Meme. Here are the rules-

(1) Link to the person that tagged you.

(2) Post the rules on your blog.

(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

(4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

(5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

I hesitated a moment to share the really quirky habits about myself but after reading Linda's post, I feel totally comfortable.

It seems that weirdness loves company. Or something like that.

1. I count my teeth with my tongue. I have done this since forever and I have no idea why. It isn't a nervous thing. I think it is a bored thing. For sure, it is a weird thing.

2. Y'all already know that I hate the post office and I think I have mentioned that I hate the library. It stresses me out. I realize that this is odd, well because my husband tells me so all the time. If I didn't know this already, he continues to stress that I have issues. I keep saying I should write a post about this aversion to the library and to librarians specifically. Maybe I will...

3. I don't like board games which require strategy. I like trivia and that is pretty much it.

4. I read magazines and catalogs starting from the back.

5. I cannot eat any type of meat right off the bone. I have to either tear or cut it off first. Even wings and ribs.

6. Whenever we travel, I read the phone book in the hotel. I look up last names of our family and count how many are in there. Then I read the yellow pages. Not just to look up a restaurant. Just for fun.

Obviously, I should get out more.

Instead of tagging someone, I am going to leave this one open. If you would like to play along, just leave a note in the comments.

Go ahead. It's fun to reveal how weird you are. :>)


Linda said...

Whoa, sister chick. I got nothing on you, weird-wise! I touch each tooth with my tongue, but I do not count them. And I'd really like to hear about the librarian aversion.

Fresh Girl said...

My mom does that back to front magazine and catalog reading, too. I've never understood the attraction, but at least now I know she's not the only weird one. ;)

Kelli said...

Ok daling ... I'm with you on the Post Office thing. here's what you do. (You can worship me later).

Go to the Post Office ONCE. Grab all the Priority and Express envelopes you think you will ever use. They're free.

Grab some Priority labels.


never walk in again.

When you need to mail something, go online to USPS. com and go to click and ship. You can pay for packages, priority, express, stamps, whatever. Print out the postage, and tape it on the box. Or tape it on the Priority /Express envelope.

The most you have to do now is drive through the drop off and leave.


Love you.


{Karla} said...

I do what Kelli does, and it has changed my life. Esp. considering that before, I had to go in (usually) with all four of my kids.


And I am the same as you when it comes to meat on the bone.



Anonymous said...

I am completely with you with the meat on the bone. It completely freaks me out. As a grown woman, my hubby has to cut things off the bone for me.

Alyssa said...

I read the phone book in hotels too. :) THat's cool that someone else does it.