Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thirteen things I did today that would not impress any of you. Not even my Mama.

1. Woke up and planned a day of cleaning house, organizing and having my daughter's friend over to play.

2. Listened to my little girl giggle with her friend all day.

And squeal. And giggle. And squeal.

Because IT IS SO EXCITING TO SPEND THE WHOLE DAY TOGETHER EVEN THOUGH THEY SEE EACH OTHER AT LEAST THREE TIMES A WEEK AT CHURCH. But, Glory! The revival that happens in their hearts when they are reunited on days other than Sunday and Wednesday.

It's a good thing we are Baptist and (somewhat) reserved or I couldn't stand the excitement!

3. Cleaned out the garage.

4. Froze to death. What idiot picks the coldest day yet of the season to clean out the garage? (The idiot whose kid is being entertained and occupied with a charismatic game of Candy Land.)

5. Found and washed curtains that I forgot I had.

6. Looked for snails at the pond out back and FROZE TO DEATH!

Anyone for escargot Popsicles?

7. Helped the giggly girls dig in the dirt and look for treasure. We found it. It was called the buried portion of our dock. (But not as exciting as the lost curtains.)

8.. Made hot chocolate with marshmallows and peppermint sticks.


9. Caught up on some much needed time with giggly girl's mom (one of my best friends) while giggly girl and daughter played and played.

10. Heard friend repeat over and over, "Get your stuff together. It's time to go."

11. Kept talking to friend. Giggly girls kept playing. And giggling.

12. Wait. Which ones are the giggly girls?? Us or them?

13. Thanked God for Christian friends and their sweet children.


Roxanne said...

See, I PLANNED days of housecleaning but never quite got around to them.

Sounds like fun, fun, FUN at your house.

Linda said...

Why oh why were you really looking for snails? I also had a best church friend when i was little. We spent every church moment together and went home on Sundays with each other and came back on Sunday nights. I loved her dearly. We grew apart when she started middle school and I was a grade behind. She actually lives here in our hometown. A lot of people leave here, but we are still here. Sometimes I'd see her at the school where our kids went. It was a little awkward, but oh, I loved her so! ps: Did you get my email?