Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mediocre Tuesday

I woke up this morning and considered blogging the New Hampshire Primary all day. Right here! From this blog!

Oh, I kid. I'm not that desperate for material.

But I will keep an eye on the primary numbers and updates because it is important. I'll spare you from the spin. You can watch the News for yourselves.

There is big news here at Mayberry. My neighbor emailed that a small beaver was snared last night. Mr. Edwards will be out there this morning to relocate the little guy. I checked on the beaver a little while ago and he was safely snared on the bank of the pond where he had removed a huge area of sod from the neighbor's yard. These guys go out in blades of glory. (Get it? Blades? Grass?)

On a completely different note, I have to do some housework today, and grocery shop, and maybe even cook a nutritious meal for dinner. You can see that today is shaping up to be exciting.

But not nearly as exciting as the exit polls in New Hampshire. ;>)


Susanne said...

Sigh. I would love a medioce day! As usual not enough sleep coupled with to much to do makes for one tired lady.

Linda said...

I get fired up about Presidential elections.