Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nevermind Fox News. I've got Mama.

So yesterday I was talking to Mama and I realized something. She is a wealth of information.

We probably talked for less than 30 minutes, but in that short time (yes, that is short for us) I learned all of the following:

1. The sad state of her hometown's blueberry crop and the bad weather which caused its demise.

2. Who is sick.

3. Exactly what is wrong with them, what medications they are taking, and most importantly who their people are.

4. What she and Daddy ate yesterday and that the chili cheese fries at Krystal are sooooo gooood.

5. There was some mention of warming up some lima beans but I think that was from a different day.

6. The temperature at her house compared to the temperature at my house.

7. What bargains she found at Target and K-mart.

8. How proud she and Daddy are of their granddaughter. (That part I already knew.)

9. How she was really wanting some soup after I mentioned that I was making soup (related to the frigid temperatures at my house) but she had chili at Krystal and the chili cheese fries were sooooo gooood.

10. That we like to talk to each other about the everyday things, as unimportant as they may seem. They are still important to share with each other.

11. How much she loves me. (That part I already knew, too.)

Have you called your Mama today?


Roxanne said...

No--but I'm going to RIGHT NOW.

Fresh Girl said...

Heck, I cooked supper for my mama. ;)

Merrie said...

I talked to my Daddy - but it isn't the same. Made me cry b/c I remember talking to Mama and catching up on the world. She doesn't know who I am now.
Now, I talk to my daughters every day - sometimes several times a day. I do my best to inform them of world shaking events - like weather, menus and who is doing what.
Precious memories are being made!

Linda said...

Why are you and your mother copying me and my mother? Get your own conversations!!