Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Ten: Stuff I have learned this week

1. One Hershey's kiss will make a child take the yuckiest medicine. Try it. It works.

2. I really should consider politics. Watching the election process reminds me of high school cheerleaders and playground bullies. (No offense to the one or two nice high school cheerleaders out there.)

3. My mother-in-law likes to look her best, even in the deepest jungle. In a few days, a very smartly dressed woman will be among the gorillas in the mist- hopefully, not covered in tsetse flies. She packed the cream color top.

4. A non-fat mocha is better than a skinny mocha.

5. Sunday School Kindergarteners should not be in one room for longer than an hour. After so much time, no snack will make things right. Not even rainbow goldfish.

6. When your church decides to go to two services and change the schedule around, and you are a Sunday School teacher of Kindergarteners, you must ask for the following-

a detailed description of the new schedule time

an unlimited supply of crafts and snacks

Valium (for you, not the kids)

7. Never volunteer for something until you have checked your calendar.

8. When you get overwhelmed, dipping into the Hershey kisses bag can make you feel soooo much better. Or you can just take the Valium.

9. This season of Project Runway is lame. Yet I cannot turn away.

10. I need a vacation. Or a very long nap.


Merrie said...

Such wisdom! Hershey kisses... yum! I think I need a Sam's bag of them now.
I agree about teaching the kindergarteners. more kisses... yes, bring them on!

Kelli said...

11. Maybe Christian should take the Valium and leave the chocolate to you.

That man almost makes me want to change the channel.

Linda said...

I emailed you the response to your question, so let me know if you don't get it. --I'll have you know I was a nice cheerleader. Just not a very good one. -- What is up with number 3? -- I have never seen Project Runway. I don't think we get fancy enough cable to see it.

bensrib said...

Hi Melanie, I just read your six weirdisms down below. Reading the phone book? I don't know, but it came in handy for Rainman. Maybe you'll save someone's life someday with information you gleaned from a phone book. You can always hope, right?

Tammy said...

Melanie, as they say down in your neck of the're a hoot! :)
I just went over and read about your in laws going to the! It reminds me of the movie George of the Jungle where Ursala says that those moist toilettes are a life saver! :D

My youngest is in Sunday School Kindergarten...and I notice they have a whole bunch of teachers in there. Safety in numbers...(for the teachers!)

windycorner said...

Hi Melanie,
We got to see Tim Gunn at our local Dillards right before Christmas and he called Season 4 the season you love to hate. So he and I agree with you. But it's still on the TIVO list. When will they eliminate that crybaby Ricky?! I can't take another close up of him weeping about what a great opportunity this is.

Janel said...

They have these new kisses out right now that are all 3 chocolates!!! Milk on the bottom, dark on the top and ribbons of white all around.

They are heavenly and take much stress away! Although, I cannot promise less addictive than Valium.

Susanne said...

By better do you mean a non-fat tastes better or is better for you? And I'm definitely using a hershey's kiss the next time I need to take medicine myself.