Friday, January 18, 2008

Not as big as the water horse, but just as scary.

I am sitting here trying to figure out what food I ate yesterday that had at least 5000 grams of sodium hidden inside because I woke up this morning retaining water like the town's water tower. I'd better hide now or someone will paint "I love Bobby Ray" in Charleston Green all over my nice pajamas.

My rings are tight, my face feels puffy; I am just drop dead gorgeous- to a hippo.

Water retention is an ongoing issue for me but I have figured out how to remedy the situation. Drink, drink, drink, and avoid salt. (If any of you are concerned, I have been screened for any underlying health problems with a clean, but bloated bill of health.)

Adding more misery to the mix, I have sinus congestion. No, I am not holding my breath. My cheeks are just swollen.


By mid-morning, after some sinus medication and lots of water, I'll be back to my pre-inflated state. So do not be alarmed. Just don't stick a pin in me. I could pop.

But, if you saw me now, you may think I've gained weight. They say the blog adds 10 pounds, you something like that.


Linda said...

We are the Puff Sisters. That first paragraph is my favorite all week.

Susanne said...

It's amazing how drinking more water is actually what will help. But I did have to chuckle at the vision of the words across your pj's.

Merrie said...

hehehe you are so funny! It is great when we can laugh at what's going on - and ourselves.
I know why the water works so well... the more you drink, the more and FASTER you have to run to the bathroom! That equals excercise and that equals weight loss... that has to be the way it works.

Merrie said...

oh... I also meant to say - thanks for stopping by and your very kind words and understanding.