Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some toys live forever. Others should bounce away peacefully into lame toy heaven.

It is looking up to be an interesting weekend. My in-laws arrived last night and we have already had some good laughs.

The funny thing is that whenever we are in the middle of a laughing frenzy, my mother-in-law inevitably asks, "Is this going to be on your blog?"

To which I usually answer,"Maybe. You never know."

Last night we were laughing so hard at a Slinky. Yes, a Slinky. My mother-in-law brought one to our daughter because now we have stairs and "everyone who has stairs has to have one of these."

Hubs said that he could never make the Slinky go down more than two stairs. My mother-in-law remembered making slinky spring down more than a few stairs. The conversation later turned into a discussion as to whether the Slinky has always been silver or was it once copper.

I know. Riveting.

Then the five of us stood there at the bottom of the stairs watching Grammy make the Slinky, well slink, down the stairs.

Two of them.

It seems that Slinky only works if your stairs do no meet the building code. Or if they meet the Slinky compatible building code. Sadly, ours do not. Later, we will show daughter how to make stairs out of a stack of books. The entertainment continues at my house, folks.

Right now she is watching her new Schoolhouse Rock video with all of the best ones from my childhood and I am so tickled to death myself because Hello! Schoolhouse Rock!

With that last sentence, it appears that I should fast forward to Conjunction Junction to learn a little grammar myself. Right after I Unpack My Adjectives.


not-so-deep Denise said...

Schoolhouse Rock is a hit at our house! My kids both love to watch it....

Kelli said...

I kid you not. Kati was studying Government last year, and we were talking about legislative action. she was confused on how bills became law.

The first thing I thought of was "I'm just a Bill, yeah I'm only a Bill and I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill. Well, well, well ..."

I sang through the whole song for her and voila! she got it.

Now, if I could only remember where my keys are.

Linda said...

School House Rock is the MOST awesome teaching tool. I loved it as a kid and then I bought it on VHS for my kids. And just today, my 15 year-old told me that it helped a lot last year in 8th grade government class. IT's funny how the brain can remember things better when set to a tune.

bensrib said...

All my kids know "Conjunction Junction," and Schoolhouse Rock is also responsible for all of them learning the 3 times tables. I love it.

Susanne said...

I never could get that old slinky to go past a few stairs either.

I was deprived as a child. We never got schoolhouse rock where I lived.

PJ said...

Schoolhouse Rock, rocks!!! And so does slinky!!! Right up there with a real top (or a gyroscope) and a kaleidoscope!